6 photos Milky Way galaxy in high resolution for PS and design

Aesthetic photos of the Milky Way galaxy for your design, website, social networks and blog posts.

High quality photos can also be used as screensavers for smartphones, overlays in Adobe Photoshop, for printing and any other creative and commercial purposes.

Copyright is reserved by the photographer (Tengyart), so you can't assign authorship to your photos, publish original pictures on the stock or send them to contests.

Examples of photos (preview on dark green background in small size):

Milky Way galaxy stok photos in high resolution for design, blog and social networks
Milky Way galaxy stock overlay for Photoshop and background for blog, design or social networks.
Milky Way Galaxu overlay for Photoshop and design, best 3 picture with starry night
3 photos with galaxy and night stars.
Colorful starry night dark stock background for website, digital overlay with instant download
Colorful stars on dark night sky (Primorye, Russia).

Where to buy pictures of the Milky Way galaxy in high resolution?

Buy pictures of the Milky Way and night stars for design, Photoshop and social networks in high resolution is available on this page in Gumroad. The cost of the selection is 5 dollars.

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